Full time Artist

I have made the jump to becoming a full time artist!! It is scary and exciting… should be time for more blogging now 😉 I am currently working on sketching out one of my biggest commissions at 16×20. I will post a WIP in the next few days. I am also looking to expand my wildlife portfolio which will be available for sale right away (originals and prints!) #artist #artbusiness #petportrait #wildlife #painting

Long time no talk :)

I have been working on 2 portraits lately, the  one for the contest winner, Tina and one I jumped into without knowing what I was doing!  After watching Animal Art By LAW on Youtube and looking at her website and beautiful paintings, I really wanted to try Albrecht Durer Watercolor Pencils!  I bought a tutorial from her, then jumped into starting a painting of my own.  I think I bit off more than I can chew, but I have been slowly working at it, and I am very happy with the level of detail of the tricolour border collie !  I think this will be something I use quite often for my pet portraits now!

Tina’s painting is finally getting there – I am quite happy with it, just finishing blocking in color and checking value/shapes etc.  These 2 paintings have been my life for quite some time now, it is always exciting to finish a portrait !  Shouldn’t be too much longer !

Potpourri of Topics

First of all, thanks to Ann Bond for all the rework I requested on the website, it is great and I owe you so much.  Check her out at Dragonfly Connection Photography  (shameless plug for her company here) !

I have been busy this week getting the contest winner’s (Tina!) photograph sketched onto a board for painting!  It has been a good learning experience as I never had to use Adobe Photoshop Elements before to add one photo of a dog to another dog’s photo, that was interesting!  Worked out well… I will not be publishing a work in progress for this as I want the completed painting to be a surprise ! I have never painted 2 dogs before on the same painting, but I am very excited to get started.

I am also working on a black lab dog on scratchboard.  I love this new medium !  There will be a  wip (work in progress) posted shortly for this one.  There is a short writeup in the Price List area about this if you want to know more about scratchboard.

Talking about the Price List – I should explain how commissions work.   When you order one, you pay half of the value listed on the price list, then the last half is due upon the delivery of the painting.

I understand the way things are nowadays for money.  I do consider service for service options (I paint something for you, lets say you offer to build me or make me something, etc).  I am trying to gain experience and get my name out there to do more commissions.  If you believe that the price is too high please contact me to negotiate.

Thanks for reading, have a great day!!